My Current Weight-Management Strategies

After reading the book PH Miracle and following its guidelines I lost weight without meaning to. My original intent was to get healthier and stop putting crap into my body. I learned about the acid-alkaline balance, and it proved every bit true because I saw the results myself. I got down to an amazing size 4, which I haven’t been since like 7th or 8th grade. BUT… I gradually slipped out of the PH guidelines and re-added too many carbs to my diet. Bad idea. It wasn’t a lot of weight gain all at once, it was gradual. But it was enough that all of the sudden none of my 4’s fit any longer. So sad. I had to bring out the old 6’s. So now I am trying to get back into high-alkaline foods and reducing acid-forming foods. The meat/dairy wasn’t a problem since I went vegan a few months ago. Nor do I consume sugar or drink caffeine unless trace amounts show up in my tea but I usually try to get decaf tea bags.

  • Alkaline: leafy greens, celery, cucumber, figs, watermelon, lemon, and more
  • Acid-Forming: dairy, meat, beer, wine, caffeine, sugar, soda, wheat products, rice, cereals, and lots more

Basic weight management tips that I recommend aside from greatly reducing (or altogether deleting) acid-forming foods include the following:

  • Drink lots of green tea; try oolong tea also
  • Drink lots of purified (not tap) water with fresh lemon squeezed in it
  • Do at least 30 minutes of steady, not too rigorous, cardio per day. After 20 minutes your body goes into fat-burning mode, but those first twenty you just push out and then do as much more after that as you can.
  • Lift weights – but focus on the fat-burning muscles, which are quads, chest, and back. Really burn those muscles out. Push yourself.
  • Make your dinner the lightest meal and don’t lay down to sleep until three hours have gone by since you finished dinner.
  • Don’t skip breakfast. If anything, have a piece of fruit then snack a little later on healthy stuff like almonds/raisins or another piece of not-too-sugary fruit
  • Don’t starve yourself or cut too much out. Eat small meals, like 5-6 throughout the day instead of big sit-down meals.
  • Don’t rule out all carbs. Just make sure you get whole-grain or sprouted wheat. Ezekiel bread, cereal, and tortillas are the best. Make carbs only about 20% of your meals. Everything else is plant-based with some fruits, nuts, legumes, and seeds thrown in there.
  • Increase fiber. Either do research on high-fiber veggies & fruits and incorporate more of those or get Benefiber and sprinkle it on lots of meals/snacks or get the pour-able kind for putting into a drink which is the kind I use. You need to move along your food better; much of the bad stuff might be sticking to your colon and intestinal walls and you need to really unblock it.
  • Write everything down that you eat and drink. Having to write it down might make you less likely to put it in your mouth. And at the end of the day you can look back and be like, “wow I eat a lot more than I thought!” and then change your habits but keep writing stuff down. I am currently doing this and I bring my food journal everywhere.
  • Be patient. I have to be patient as well and it sucks but I know that gradual weight loss is best and depravity is worst.
  • Don’t deny yourself anything completely but if you must give in to a craving just do it in moderation then get right back on track. Like have two bites of a candy bar or cake instead of a whole bar or slice. Or have five sips of soda instead of a whole can. Give the rest to someone else or toss it. The money you lose tossing food isn’t worth putting the fat into your body instead.
  • Measure yourself regularly (and write it down) with a tape measure on areas you are looking to do some girth-reduction. I do this every other day for my waist and hips. I have a number in mind for my waist and I am about three inches away, but MAN it’s slow-going! I don’t do scales anymore, the numbers are dumb. What matters is how your clothes fit.
  • Keep a picture of yourself on your fridge or pantry door from a time when you looked your best. I actually hung up a pair of shorts that I wanted to fit into and kept them there for two weeks while I tried to motivate myself to eat better.
  • Before you reach for that snack or meal, assess your hunger level. Are you REALLY hungry? Or do you have an emotion that is making you do it? This plagues me the most. I eat because it’s fun or because I had a bad day and want to feel soothed. But I’m working on it. Maybe even write down your hunger level in your food journal for each time you eat – scale it 1 to 5 with 1 being not really hungry and 5 being starving.

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