Book Overview: Green For Life

Green For Life by Victoria Boutenko (c) 2005 Raw Family Publishing

I recommend you check out this quick read for a couple of reasons:

  1. you will learn about plant life and the fruits they bear – the why’s and how’s of it, which is fascinating
  2. you will come to understand vegetables and greens classifications correctly
  3. you will discover the relationship between chimpanzee and human diets (and why we should start leaning more towards their way of eating and away from our processed foods)
  4. you will see the proof for yourself in her experiment results on people she asked to drink green smoothies every day for a certain time period – all of those people discovered health benefits and even went on to continue green drinks even after the trial period was over. Many of them lost weight and curbed major sugar and other bad cravings.

Here are some interesting points I gathered:

  • when people eat animals, they don’t eat carnivores (there is no nutrition in them) – people eat plant-eaters so that they can get the nutrients that the herbivores digest. Why not go straight to the source and eat the plants yourself? That way you skip the fat and clogged arteries and instead get first dibs on the valuable nutrients that would otherwise become lost in a dead carcass. Remember, dead animal flesh has only one good thing in it for you: protein. Everything else is total crap and wreaks havoc on your body (even though you may not see it or feel it as you eat meat daily – it shows up later as cancer). Get your protein from sources that don’t lead to eventual death. There are foods that are also complete proteins just like meat is. They just don’t kill you.
  • the cure for cancer (or the prevention of) was already found out in 1931 by someone who won a Nobel prize for doing so! Why have we covered him up? So the meat & dairy industry can continue to make trillions of dollars. The cancer cure is explained by the prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg: cancer thrives in an acidic condition; “the main cause for cancer is acidity of the human body. Cancer is caused by weakened cell respiration due to lack of oxygen at the cellular level…damaged cell respiration causes fermentation, resulting in low pH (acidity)” This is the pH stuff I have been constantly referring to throughout this blog. Eat acid-forming stuff on a daily basis, get cancer later. You choose.
  • “it is impossible to maintain a good alkaline pH balance without consuming large quantities of dark leafy greens”
  • increase your fiber consumption to at least 30g/day so that you can better eliminate toxins, absorb nutrients better, and push your waste through correctly
  • the human body can learn to crave greens but you have to start incorporating many more of them per day. Victoria does this by using a Vitamix blender to create green smoothies (she has plenty of yummy recipes in the back of the book). She says this is the easiest way to get all your greens in, not only because it tastes better in a smoothie and you are more likely to eat it, but also because it is broken down better so you have better nutrient absorption than you would if you chewed the leaves yourself. I have already begun to incorporate more leafy greens and have made two types of green drinks, both of which were really good! I’m excited about it. I just have a regular blender though. 
  • most fruit is round so that it can roll farther from its source and therefore continue on its species by using herbivores to fertilize its seeds
  • genetically altered plants don’t produce seeds because they are trying to make themselves infertile so that its future generations also don’t come out unhealthy
  • seedless watermelons (ones that have been genetically modified) are odorless and tasteless because the upset plant didn’t have the motivation to make its fruit attractive (it wanted to discontinue its species because it was a faulty plant after the modification)
  • plants keep themselves unattractive until the seeds are ripe so that they are not wasted before seeds become mature

The one thing I am reluctant about as far as following her green drink recipes is the amount of fruit involved. She has to add fruit to the leafy greens in the blender so that the drink becomes palatable. But according to the pH Miracle, fruit is to be eating in moderation – only as an occasional treat because of its high sugar content. Sugar ferments and creates an acid environment in our bodies, whether it comes from a sugar cane or fruit.


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