Meal examples packed with protein

People worry that vegetarians/vegans do not get enough protein, but that is the media’s fault, not theirs. The meat industry has most of us brainwashed to believe that meat is the only (and ‘best’) source of protein, but science says that isn’t true, and the ADA says that vegetarians and vegans can definitely meet the required amounts of nutrients daily by eating a variety of plants, legumes, grains, nuts, and seeds. Consuming meat brings with it so many other problems that by the time the digestive and other systems are so worn down from trying to absorb the protein, it just isn’t worth all that work. Getting protein from plant-based sources is the most natural — and digestively easy — way to get your building blocks. For further reading and background information on protein, be sure to check out my blog post “Where do you get your protein?“.  Remember, women need between 35-45 grams of protein per day and men need between 45-55 grams.

Protein (in grams) Meal example
29.5 2 scoops Vega protein powder* + 1/2 cup soymilk* (3.5g)
28 1/2 cup cooked split peas (8g) + 1 cup whole grain cornmeal (20g)
27 1 1/3 cups cauliflower (9g) + 1 1/3 cup lentils (18g)
24 2/3 cup Smart Ground veggie crumbles
22 4 TBS hemp protein powder* (15g) + 2 cups soy milk* (7g)
21 6oz Gimme Lean meatless sausage
21 1/2 cup black beans (7g) + meatless chick’n scallopini by Gardein (14g)
20 1/2 cup tofu*
18 3/4 cup meatless beefless tips by Gardein
18 2 cups broccoli (9g) + 1/4 cup garlic (3g)
18 1 cup cooked quinoa*
17 soy breakfast patty by MorningStar Farms (8g) + 2 links meatless sausage by MorningStar Farms (9g)
16 1 1/2 cups oatmeal (9g) + 1 cup soymilk (7g)
16 1/2 cup almonds
16 2 slices whole wheat bread (8g) + 2 TBS peanut butter (8g)
15 4 meatless buffalo wings by Gardein
14.5 1 cup chickpeas
14.5 1 can thai coconut soup by Amy’s (8g) + 1 cup white rice (6g)
13.5 1 1/3 cup asparagus (6g) + 1 cup brown rice (7.5g)
12.5 2 cups celery (2.5g) + 4 TBS almond butter (10g)
11 1 cup buckwheat granola by Kaia Foods (8g) + 1 cup hemp milk (3g)
10 1 cup meatless chick’n tenders by Quorn

*indicates that this food has all essential amino acids (a “complete protein”)



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