Eggs: good or bad?

On a personal note my first answer would be “bad” right away because of the unnecessary animal use. But let’s say I am a non-animal-lover, the way non-vegans are. Is there value in eating these unborn bird fetuses?

Let’s first talk cholesterol. You don’t like to have high cholesterol, right? And that is mostly why you stay away from burgers, right? Well take a look at the comparisons in the table below1,3:

Cholesterol (mg) Food
87 Whopper from Burger King
94 Quarter Pounder with Cheese from McDonald’s
150 Double Down from KFC
160 Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese from McDonald’s
212 one large egg

70% of the calories from eggs are from FAT1. Why is there so much cholesterol and fat in an egg? Because its purpose is to build a chicken! Not fall down the throats of humans to clog their arteries. The cholesterol is used to create cell membranes so there has to be a lot of it. All the things needed to create a complete bird body has to be present in the egg upon being laid. Think about what exactly it is you are eating. And, do you happen to be pro-life? If so, please look closer at your hypocritical eating habits [and remove that anti-abortion bumper sticker of yours as long as you continue to rob babies from hens and eat their unborn fetuses]. I don’t know about you, but I think baby chicks have to be one of the cutest baby species on the planet. Why prevent them from ever having their own life? 

Second, let’s look at where eggs are taking people, health-wise: A Physician’s Health Study of over 21,000 men over a twenty year period followed the eating habits and tracked the health of the men during that time. One of the many things found in the study was that “the men who ate seven eggs a week or more were 23 per cent more likely to have died during the 20-year period.”2

Additionally, men in the study who ate seven or more per week were 58% more likely to develop type 2 diabetes than non-egg eaters and women who ate one egg or more daily were at 77% greater risk.4

1. Barnard, Neal. (2010, Sep 05). Tainted or not, eggs are not safe. South Florida Sun – Sentinel, pp. F.4.
2. Breaking some bad news about eggs. (2008, Apr 10). Calgary Herald, pp. E.3.
3. Kirkey, S. (2010, Nov 02). Doctors poke cracks in eggs-are-good theory; debate over risks to heart one yolk provides more cholesterol (but less fat and salt) than KFC double down. The Gazette, pp. A.12.
4. High egg consumption associated with diabetes risk. (2009). Tufts University Health & Nutrition Letter, 26(12), 8-8.


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  1. I wanted to add to this. Recently a bill was introduced to Congress that would keep laying hens locked in factory farm cages forever. It would nullify all existing laws that ban or restrict battery cages, it would deny state legislatures the ability to ever enact laws to outlaw cages or otherwise regulate egg factory conditions, and it would take away our right and ability to ever pass ballot measures in regards to egg factory cages. Help stop this bill! Sign the petition: and then email your senators directly:


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