Vegans Doing Amazing Things

Further information on the following awesome people is at the bottom of this post in various hyperlinks. There are a LOT of them, so I will have to make a Part II to this post at a future time. 

Jennifer Buls & Virginia Buls: Their business Absolute Treats entered into the National Cupcake Championship in 2011 with 55 other entries. Their cupcake wasn’t very unique looking but the criteria wasn’t about presentation, it was about the taste. Believe it or not, their cupcake WON the entire championship — and it was a vegan cupcake! It beat all the others which had eggs and butter! The tasters quoted: “[the cupcake] was head and shoulders above the rest…Her victory is all the more remarkable given that it’s a vegan cake” (Andrew Williams of British Baker).

Jimi Sitko: He can bench press twice his weight. He has won medals and trophies and he is a part of Vegan Bros (Vegan Brothers in Iron).

* Bill Clinton: He recovered from two heart procedures and is now in great health from switching to a vegan diet. His typical American diet was killing him and he realized it in time to save his health and possibly his life.

Russell Simmons: He is a famous producer, manager, clothing line owner, and more. He went vegan in 2000 (another source says 1998) and is the founder of many organizations that help others and that encourage living ethically. He says,  “If you really want to live a happy life, cut the animal products from your diet.” His strong belief in nonviolence led him to see the light.

* Mike Tyson: he lost 130 pounds on the vegan diet! He says he feels great and wishes he had done this earlier in his life; he looks back on his old processed food and meat choices and shakes his head.

* Olivia Wilde: she is an actress who won PETA’s Sexiest Vegetarian award. Here is what she has to say about being vegan: “Beyond my desire to boycott the torture factories, I am also way happier when I eat a plant-based diet, and I feel about a thousand times more energetic.”

* Joni Purmonen: he is a body builder who won 8th place at UK’s Strongest 105kg Man finals in 2011. He states: “being vegan is no hindrance to building strength and muscle mass…actually, I would say that it has helped me”.

* Biz Stone: he is the co-founder of twitter. He visited a farm, looked into the eyes of a cow, and has never been the same since. He went on to host one of Farm Sanctuary‘s important fundraising shows.

* Robert Cheeke: he is a bodybuilder with multiple awards under his belt. He won competitions in 2005, 2006, and 2009. And, man, check out this guy’s muscles!

* Fiona Oakes: a runner who won two marathons in Finland where she was “carrying a laden rucksack as part of her training to be the first vegan female to compete the Marathon des Sables (156 miles across the Sahara carrying all your own gear)” (The Vegan, Winter 2011). She is the founder of an animal sanctuary also, and she took in three ponies during her Sahara trek that were on their way to be slaughtered.


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  1. Posted by Phyllis on February 8, 2012 at 12:57 am

    Can I get the cupcake recipe???? Or is it not available. Thanks Phyllis


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