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Muscle Targeting

I found a great site that I wanted to share for all of you gym-goers. I was thinking of exercises to target a specific muscle and without Eric there to ask, I googled. This site has a picture of two people with their muscles individually labeled – which you can click on and it takes you to a list (with pictures & vids) of exercises that work those muscles. Continue reading


HIIT: High Intensity Inverval Training

I discovered HIIT on YouTube one day when I was putting together my own mix of exercises via iMovie on the Mac. I was watching a video from user CharlieJames1975 and was bewitched by the tiny girl’s accent and killer body. Currently there is an English girl doing the videos, named Lisa, but it was Zuzanna who originally got me going on the kick.

HIIT is where you do very intense moves that incorporate all muscles of your body into a short amount of time (usually 10-20 minutes). Continue reading

Ohhh, Zuzanna

I have found my renewed excitement for exercise. I hate the gym and I mostly dislike working out. But I do it anyway. NOW I actually don’t mind it and sometimes it’s rather fun. I discovered Zuzanna and have been doing her workouts almost daily now for the past week. I love it. She’s addicting to watch and follow because her body is SO amazing and her accent is mesmerizing. Check her out here: I keep a log of my workouts and type everything in so that when I revisit a workout I will enter my scores next to prior ones and compare. You can check out my spreadsheet here: Annie’s BodyRock Workout Log. The tabs along the bottom are the individual workouts and each one has a direct link inside the sheet to the workout page on her website. She demonstrates how to do the exercises and how many, how long, etc. I also got myself a Gymboss timer and it’s perfect for these interval trainings.

My Current Weight-Management Strategies

After reading the book PH Miracle and following its guidelines I lost weight without meaning to. My original intent was to get healthier and stop putting crap into my body. I learned about the acid-alkaline balance, and it proved every bit true because I saw the results myself. I got down to an amazing size 4, which I haven’t been since like 7th or 8th grade. BUT… I gradually slipped out of the PH guidelines and re-added too many carbs to my diet. Bad idea. It wasn’t a lot of weight gain all at once, it was gradual. But it was enough that all of the sudden none of my 4’s fit any longer. So sad. I had to bring out the old 6’s. So now I am trying to get back into high-alkaline foods and reducing acid-forming foods. Continue reading