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Soft Drink Consumption = Bone Loss

Reasons why consuming soft drinks might be bad for bone health:

  • drinking soda instead of calcium-containing drinks leads to calcium deficiency
  • phosphoric acid in soda increases calcium loss (to neutralize this acid, calcium is stripped from the bone)
  • caffeine in soda increases calcium loss through the urine

You should be consuming around 1,000 mg of calcium per day. You can get calcium here: fortified orange juice, fortified soy milk, collard greens, kale, cabbage, bok choy, fortified tofu, broccoli, turnip greens, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, or a calcium supplement.  Continue reading


Yummy Salad

I am not that into salads but I have forced myself recently to try to eat more leafy greens during the day. I always start with my green drink in the morning, but I should be having more greens still. I came across a great recipe that has a really juicy flavor and is so tasty that you don’t even need dressing! Here are the ingredients:

  • romaine lettuce
  • chopped cherry tomatoes
  • chopped black olives
  • pine nuts
  • finely chopped fresh basil (this makes the salad, don’t leave it out or use dried)

Absolute Favorite Snack Bar

Chocolate Energy Bars by Greens+

I just had to share. They are amazing, especially considering they are good for you and do not have a sugar overload. I just finished one and I wish I had five more, I’d keep going, I know it. They are sold at Trader Joe’s I know for sure and I am pretty sure Sprouts sells them also. I haven’t checked regular grocery stores yet for them, but if you find them there, please post a response (and include the price) here.

High in Vitamin E, Vitamin A, and Vitamin B12

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Book Overview: Green For Life

Green For Life by Victoria Boutenko (c) 2005 Raw Family Publishing

I recommend you check out this quick read for a couple of reasons:

  1. you will learn about plant life and the fruits they bear – the why’s and how’s of it, which is fascinating
  2. you will come to understand vegetables and greens classifications correctly
  3. you will discover the relationship between chimpanzee and human diets (and why we should start leaning more towards their way of eating and away from our processed foods)
  4. you will see the proof for yourself in her experiment results on people she asked to drink green smoothies every day for a certain time period – all of those people discovered health benefits and even went on to continue green drinks even after the trial period was over. Many of them lost weight and curbed major sugar and other bad cravings.

Here are some interesting points I gathered: Continue reading