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Biology: which eating type the human falls under

Omnivores eat plants, animals, and waste. They have very sharp nails and teeth. Some include raccoon, bear, and rat.

Carnivores eat animal flesh and other animal parts only. They have claws, short intestines, and fangs sharp enough to tear raw flesh from the bone. They pant to cool their bodies and are able to excrete cholesterol infintely. Some include wolf, tiger, lion.

Herbivores eat only plants and plant products. They have hands or hooves, long intestines, and teeth made for grinding fruits, veggies, and grains. They sweat to cool their bodies and excrete cholesterol in very tiny amounts. Some include deer, elephant, giraffe, gorilla, humans.

End of story. This is science, not opinion. When our bodies try to digest things they weren’t biologically meant to digest, yes, things may pass through fine, but this type of eating will leave us ill and diseased later in life–or right this moment. Have you recently had a cold or the flu? It’s because your immune system was weakened by your high acid, low alkaline diet. Do you have stomach aches, heartburn, headaches, irregular body temperature, skin problems, joint problems, constipation, diarrhea? Then become the herbivore mother nature meant for you to be and your body will love you for it.


Book Overview: Green For Life

Green For Life by Victoria Boutenko (c) 2005 Raw Family Publishing

I recommend you check out this quick read for a couple of reasons:

  1. you will learn about plant life and the fruits they bear – the why’s and how’s of it, which is fascinating
  2. you will come to understand vegetables and greens classifications correctly
  3. you will discover the relationship between chimpanzee and human diets (and why we should start leaning more towards their way of eating and away from our processed foods)
  4. you will see the proof for yourself in her experiment results on people she asked to drink green smoothies every day for a certain time period – all of those people discovered health benefits and even went on to continue green drinks even after the trial period was over. Many of them lost weight and curbed major sugar and other bad cravings.

Here are some interesting points I gathered: Continue reading