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Kitcheree & Palak (raw) recipe

photo 1 (2)Indian food is one of my favorite types of food, next to Mexican. If you eat raw, you don’t have to miss out on it! Plus, veggies are always better than rice. Kitcheree is a dish typically made of rice and lentils. In this recipe the rice will be shredded cabbage and rutabaga. The flavors are so savory, I love this combination of spices. The Palak Paneer is a creamed spinach curry. The “cream” in this recipe is soaked and puréed macadamia nuts plus coconut oil.

You can’t have just one bite of this dish. Be sure not to skip any of the spices in both recipes–each one adds to the unique savory flavor. If you don’t want to spend $4+ on a jar of each spice, go to Sprouts and get little baggies and scoop out spices from their tubs along the side wall by the scoop. Continue reading