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Muscle Targeting

I found a great site that I wanted to share for all of you gym-goers. I was thinking of exercises to target a specific muscle and without Eric there to ask, I googled. This site has a picture of two people with their muscles individually labeled – which you can click on and it takes you to a list (with pictures & vids) of exercises that work those muscles. Continue reading


Ohhh, Zuzanna

I have found my renewed excitement for exercise. I hate the gym and I mostly dislike working out. But I do it anyway. NOW I actually don’t mind it and sometimes it’s rather fun. I discovered Zuzanna and have been doing her workouts almost daily now for the past week. I love it. She’s addicting to watch and follow because her body is SO amazing and her accent is mesmerizing. Check her out here: I keep a log of my workouts and type everything in so that when I revisit a workout I will enter my scores next to prior ones and compare. You can check out my spreadsheet here: Annie’s BodyRock Workout Log. The tabs along the bottom are the individual workouts and each one has a direct link inside the sheet to the workout page on her website. She demonstrates how to do the exercises and how many, how long, etc. I also got myself a Gymboss timer and it’s perfect for these interval trainings.